Parker’s Valairdata 3: Assuring the Performance of Sterile Gas Filters

Filters are used to provide a cost-effective and reliable method of delivering sterile gas in the production and packaging of microbially sensitive foods. One area often overlooked is the on-going monitoring of these critical control points.

The Valairdata 3 is designed to test the performance of sterile gas filters quickly and easily, ensuring your food production process can run without contamination from airborne sources.
Created with dairy, brewing and soft drink manufacturers in mind, the Valairdata 3 helps to protect food manufacturing processes from non-conformances arising from gas contamination.

Watch this video or contact to find out more about the test methods used and unique design features of the Valairdata 3, enabling you to meet production standards, eliminate product wastage and increase profitability.

– Lightweight portable design
– Multi-language touchscreen operation
– Easy to use in-situ